Every Speedy Loan I have tried calling just rang and rang

Every Speedy Loan I have tried calling just rang and rang

Speedy Cash went into our bank account and signed that my wife and I wanted four hundred dollars into our checking account

When we found out about it and try to talk to them, that we did not asked for that amount they wanted our routing number and account. We did not give them the number, so we told our bank we have our checking and saving account with the claim department at our bank, took a look at it and said to us, “yes they did put money into it.” We told our bank did not give them our approval at all. So they told me to tell my wife to immediately come in and they will stop and block them from getting into our account payday loans in Tazewell TN. So she did.

Why can no one answer the phone at any of these Speedy Loan offices?

When that was taken care of, the next day or two, Speedy Cash was threatening us, stating that if we did not do something about the money. They would send a collection dept to force us to pay. When we saw that she told our bank and they told her do not worry, our money is fine, they can not touch it, we still have the letter from that company. Speedy Cash mailed us. We want you to that because we live off of my SSI and my Veteran check, that would take all of my money to live off of, and so want to file lawsuit against them and file a complaint against them too. One more thing, Speedy and AceCashExpress, both of them sell the customer information to that other party.

Thomas- We do not take money from a bank account without express permission from the holder and a loan has to be open to do so. If you have any questions about our company, please call us at 877-315-8491 or email

I went through another finance company to help me get myself out of the jam I was in, resulting from a vet emergency bill. After getting a loan at Rice Lake, WI, Speedy Loan was paid by this third party, they took my payment from my checking account and were supposed to mail me a receipt and check, I can never get an answer. I can not find any information where to reach their headquarters.

This is a poor way to run a business! When I called the Rice Lake office and explained that I was going to pay off my loan, they said if I wasn’t there by 2:30 P.M., my payment would be pulled out of my checking account. The following day, sure enough, my payment was pulled out of my checking account. My loan is paid off and I still have not received my receipt for my payment or my check back for my payment that came out of my checking account and payment paid for by this third party.

I went into the Speedy Cash office and made a payment, just 5 days after the previous payment, but only $52 went towards the principal. When I questioned it after I left and called back the same afternoon, I was told that after 3 days the interest rate is the same as monthly, and this could not be changed.

I was never told about that prior to this and the legal jargon of this paperwork does not explain it in layman’s terms, that normal hardworking people in a bind can understand. I have not been late and was trying to pay as much as I could to complete it. No resolution to this problem will be advertised and reported to the state on down, if this is the way your office takes advantage of poor struggling people. The staff was very unprofessional, talking among themselves and it was the same person I dealt with 5 days prior. I want to cancel this contract ** and have my money returned.

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